NOW ROOM tenant's terms of use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use") stipulate the terms of provision of this service and the rights and obligations between NOW ROOM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and guests. Has been done. Before using this service, you must read the full text of this agreement and then agree to this agreement.

Article 1 (Applicable)

  1. The purpose of this agreement is to establish the provision conditions of this service and the rights and obligations between our company and the guest regarding the use of this service, and it applies to all relationships related to the use of this service between the guest and our company. Will be done.
  2. If the content of this agreement differs from the explanation of this service outside this agreement, the provisions of this agreement shall take precedence.

Article 2 (Definition)

The following terms used in this agreement shall have the following meanings.

  1. "Registered User" means an individual or corporation registered as a user of this service based on Article 3 (Registration).
  2. "Guest" means an individual or corporation who intends to rent or rent the target facility using this service among the registered users who use this service.
  3. "Host" means an individual or corporation registered as a registered user who uses the Service and who intends to rent or rent the target facility using the Service.
  4. "Service usage contract" means the usage contract of this service that is concluded between our company and registered users under the terms of this agreement.
  5. "Target Facility" means a facility that is posted on this service and is subject to guest use.
  6. "Intellectual property rights" are copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights (the right to acquire those rights or apply for registration, etc. for those rights). Includes.)
  7. "Posted data" means the content (including but not limited to texts, images, videos and other data) posted or transmitted by registered users using this service.
  8. "This service" means the service named "NOWROOM" provided by our company (if the name or content of the service is changed for any reason, the service after the change is included). I will.

Article 3 (Registration)

  1. Those who wish to use this service (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicants") agree to comply with this agreement and have certain information specified by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "registration matters"). You can apply to us for registration to use this service by providing us with the method specified by us.
  2. In accordance with our standards, we will determine whether or not a registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicant") who applied for registration based on paragraph 1 can be registered, and if we approve the registration, We will notify the registration applicant to that effect. Registration as a registered user of the registration applicant shall be completed when the Company gives the notice in this section.
  3. Upon completion of the registration set forth in the preceding paragraph, a service use contract will be established between the registered user and the Company, and the registered user will be able to use this service in accordance with this agreement.
  4. The Company may refuse registration and re-registration if the applicant for registration falls under any of the following reasons, and we are not obligated to disclose the reason.
    1. When there are falsehoods, errors or omissions in all or part of the registration items provided to us
    2. Maintaining and managing antisocial forces, etc. (meaning gangsters, gangsters, right-wing groups, antisocial forces, and other equivalents; the same shall apply hereinafter), or through funding and other means. Or when the Company determines that it is engaged in some kind of exchange or involvement with antisocial forces such as cooperating or being involved in management.
    3. If you are a minor, a guardian of an adult, a guardian, or an assistant, and you have not obtained the consent of a legal representative, guardian, guardian, or assistant.
    4. When the Company determines that the person has violated the contract with the Company in the past or is a related person.
    5. In addition, when we judge that registration is not appropriate

Article 4 (Change of registered items)

If there is a change in the registered items, the guest shall notify the company of the changed items without delay by the method specified by the company.

Article 5 (Management of passwords and user IDs)

  1. Guests shall properly manage and store passwords and user IDs related to this service at their own risk, and shall not allow third parties to use them, or lend, transfer, change their names, buy or sell, etc. will do.
  2. The guest shall be liable for any damages caused by insufficient management of password or user ID, mistake in use, use by a third party, etc.

Article 6 (Positioning of this service)

  1. This service provides a place for transactions related to the use of the target facility between registered users, and unless otherwise specified, the Company is a party or agent of the contract regarding the use of the target facility between the host and the guest. It is not something that becomes.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, the Company shall not be involved in any communication, inquiry or any other negotiations, complaints, troubles or any other disputes between the guest and the host or between the guest and a third party, and shall bear no responsibility. not. In the unlikely event of negotiations or disputes, the guest shall resolve them at their own risk and expense.

Article 7 (Reservation of target facility)

  1. The guest can reserve the use of the target facility by applying to the host according to the method displayed on this service.
  2. When the guest applies for use after specifying the start date for the target facility on this service and the host indicates the intention of approval on the management screen, it is stipulated in this agreement between the guest and the host. Reservation contract regarding the use of the target facility (hereinafter referred to as "reservation contract") that includes the matters and the original target facility usage rules, permission conditions and other conditions (hereinafter referred to as "facility rules") separately presented to the guest by the host. It is said that) is established.
  3. After the reservation contract is concluded, the guest should discuss with the host about the concrete contract for the use of the target facility. In addition, the host may refuse the use of the facility by the guest based on that judgment, and a cancellation fee may be incurred when the guest cancels the use of the target facility. Please read the cancellation policy stipulated in Article 10 carefully before discussing.

Article 8 (Conclusion of individual use contract for target facility)

  1. Based on Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, when a guest who has a reservation contract with the host moves into the target facility, the Company or the host will carry out the legal procedures necessary for the contract, and between the guest and the host , When an agreement is reached on the use of the target facility, a contract between the guest and the host regarding the use of the target facility, which includes the matters stipulated in this agreement and the facility rules (hereinafter referred to as "individual use contract"). Suppose that holds.
  2. The guest shall comply with this agreement and the individual use contract, and use the target facility in an appropriate manner with the duty of care of a good manager.
  3. If the guest does not move out within the move-out deadline specified in the individual use contract and the baggage brought in by the move-out deadline is not removed, the guest will be deemed to have waived the ownership of the baggage, etc. The designated person agrees in advance that they may be moved, carried out of the target facility, processed, or disposed of.

Article 9 (Fee and payment method)

  1. When the reservation contract is concluded, the guest is obliged to pay the host a usage fee for using the target facility, which is set separately. In addition, based on a separate agreement with the host, we will receive this usage fee from the host in advance (including those based on the reservation contract as well as those based on the individual usage contract, including the authority to receive the cancellation fee stipulated in the next article) The guest is required to pay the usage fee to the host through our company.
  2. Please note that if the guest delays the payment of the fees specified in the preceding paragraph, the guest will be required to pay the late damages at a rate of 14.6% per year for the usage fee.

Article 10 (Cancellation Policy)

  1. If any of the following items apply (hereinafter referred to as "cancellation, etc."), a cancellation fee will be charged to the guest unless otherwise specified by the host. However, if the host discusses with us and finds that there is a reasonable reason for cancellation, or refuses to use the facility, no cancellation fee will be charged.
    1. When the guest cancels the reservation for using this service after the reservation contract is concluded
    2. When the guest cancels the reservation contract or individual usage contract in the middle
    3. When the guest concludes an individual use contract using the coupon and cancels the individual use contract before the minimum residence period specified by the coupon elapses
  2. If a cancellation occurs, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the provisions of each of the following items according to the time of occurrence. Regarding cancellation of reservation, the amount equivalent to the usage fee paid by the guest when the reservation contract is concluded minus the following cancellation fee shall be returned from the host to the guest via our company.
  3. ・ Cancellation up to 1 week before the start date specified in the reservation contract

    As a cancellation fee, the guest will be obliged to pay 50% of the total payment amount incurred based on the reservation contract.

    ・ Cancellation after 6 days before the start date specified in the reservation contract

    As a cancellation fee, the guest will be obliged to pay the amount equivalent to the usage fee for one month of the target facility. The same applies if one week has passed from the start date of use without prior or subsequent contact from the guest to the host and the individual usage contract has not been concluded.

    ・ Cancellation before the conclusion of individual usage contract

    As a cancellation fee, the guest will be obliged to pay the amount equivalent to the usage fee of the target facility until the month following the month to which the guest applies for early cancellation.

    ・ Cancellation of individual usage contract before the expiration of the minimum residence period specified by the coupon

    As a cancellation fee, the guest will be obliged to pay the discounted amount of the usage fee by using the coupon.

  4. If the cancellation occurs due to the host's convenience after the individual usage contract is concluded, the cancellation fee payable by the guest shall not be incurred. In addition, in the case of cancellation due to host convenience, the host shall notify the guest of the cancellation by the message function on this service or other appropriate method.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the guest regarding cancellation after the individual use contract is concluded.

Article 11 (Prohibited matters)

When using this service, the guest must not perform any of the following acts or acts that the Company deems to be applicable.

  1. Acts that violate the law or are related to criminal acts
  2. Acts that are offensive to public order and morals
  3. Fraud or threatening to us, other users of the Service or other third parties
  4. Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honors, other rights or interests of the Company, other users of this service or other third parties
  5. Acts that violate facility rules
  6. Acts of using the facility with a number of people, purpose of use, and mode of use that differ from the contents of the individual use contract
  7. Dangerous goods, things that generate noise or vibration, bring animals, pets, etc. to the target facility and sell them
  8. Words, actions, noise, etc. that may cause inconvenience to residents and other guests in the same building as the host
  9. Remodeling, remodeling, remodeling, sticking adhesive tape, tacking, and other actions to change the current status of the target facility without the consent of the host
  10. The act of giving and receiving money between registered users regarding this service without our consent
  11. Acts that place an excessive load on the network or system of this service
  12. Reverse engineering and other analytical activities for software and other systems provided by us
  13. Acts that may interfere with the operation of this service
  14. Unauthorized access to our network or system
  15. Acts of impersonating a third party
  16. Acts of using the ID or password of other users of this service
  17. Books that we do not license in advance

[Created on April 1, 2020]

[Revised on August 23, 2020]